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Eurovision song contest 2011 betting Odds

Eurovision Song Contest - Dusseldorf 2011 | News - Hungary: Kati ...

And as far as I know ESC participation in general is financed mainly from the budget of the broadcaster and not from the State Budjet /but rescent events showed that States financial support (and not only financial) support can also be used if... Since ArmTV is able to find nearly 10 millions for not profitable JESC when nobody asked it to do, I think for Greek broadcaster it wont be hard to find at-least 500,000 $ for modest ESC participation. Click here to react   Click here to become a member (free. When reacting to a news item, please stick to the topic. ), messages in other languages than English and spam (which includes URL advertising) will be deleted and you risk your account being removed. is only possible when logged in as a member.